Founded in 1991 by 82nd Airborne veteran, journalist and local karaoke aficionado, Fred Fillbrook, (b.1937-d.2022) the Mill Creek View is the original hometown print newspaper for Mill Creek, WA, dedicated to truth and patriotism. We began before Mill Creek was incorporated and still deliver by tweens door to door the old fashioned American small-town way. A thriving city of 20,000 residents, Mill Creek, WA is going strong. 

Now we bring Mill Creek View direct to 30 Mill Creek communities throughout America, that New Chief Executive Steven Abramowicz and General Manager Casey AuvĂ© are updating to the digital age with our MCV e-newsletter covering national, local, entertainment, health and fitness, real estate, fashion and the homeless crisis. 

Check in every day for the latest news you need, not just the news you want. And enjoy the Mill Creek View and Hollywood Interview podcasts for news, views and interviews on Rumble and your favorite podcast app. Write us a letter to the editor at and we just might publish it. Thanks for reading. 
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