No multi-family housing in Mill Creek single-family neighborhoods – for now

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  • 09/20/2023

House Bill 1110 was passed to stuff multi-family housing in single family neighborhoods. There are some exceptions that apply to areas like Mill Creek. Unfortunately, we are not protected from our city council and its consultants.

I’ve lived in Mill Creek for 43 years. Mill Creek was developed with a balance of housing. We have rental/apartments including three low income complexes. We have many multi-family developments with home ownership. Finally, we have dedicated areas for single family homes.

Exceptions from the new law requiring multi-family housing in single family neighborhoods include cities under 25,000 (we are at 21,000+) and HOAs with restrictions in their covenants before June 30, 2023. Several legislators have been quoted as saying the State can’t violate the CC&Rs.

Fortunately, last year, my HOA, the Mill Creek Community Association, took action to protect its members by making changes to our deed restrictions. I believe 86% voted yes on the changes.

I’m not a lawyer. If you live in an HOA other than MCCA, you might want to check with your HOA legal council to see if your development is also protected.

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