Washington 1st in US for parental financial support of adult children, study reveals

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  • Source: KOMO
  • 12/02/2023

Washington is the state with the most adult children—ages 22 to 40—supported by their parents, according to a study from USA Today. With a total of 71% of parents financially supporting their adult kids, Washington ranks first for many factors.

The study surveyed parents of Gen Z and Millennial adults in states with populations of 2 million or more to find out where adult children are receiving the most financial support from their parents.

Financial support

According to the study, parents in California, Washington, and Virginia average more than $800 per month in financial compensation for their children. Washington topped the charts with an average of $869.50 a month, while parents in Iowa contributed an average of $349.

The study also factored in the total percentage of parents who were offering support and the variety of support offered, and Washington was in first place again.

Washington parents are also the most likely to pay for family-wide entertainment subscriptions such as Netflix and Spotify.

A category without Washington on top from the study was the states where parents were most likely to help pay off debt. Parents from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California led the category.

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