Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast EP133 Monty Fritts & Brandon Lewis Interviews 9 21 23

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  • 09/25/2023

Join us as we chat with Tennessee House District 32 Representative Monty Fritts. Monty is a constitutional Christian Conservative republican who is serving his first term in office and working to improve Tennessee and to hold back Leftist agendas from being pushed through the house. Monty is a no nonsense man who doesn’t mince his words when it comes to what is wrong and what is right with Tennessee Politics. Monty gives his description of what took place at the latest Special Session recently held at the capitol of Tennessee. He also covers a number of bills he is working to bring through and pass in the house. For more on Monty visit him at

Up next is Lets Go Brandon segment where we catch up with Brandon Lewis and his take on the latest Tennessee Special session and much more. For more about Brandon go to

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