John Jubilee's 555 RECORD w/ Julius Maddox at Gold's Gym Murfreesboro TN 10 17 23

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  • Source: Rumble
  • 10/27/2023

John Jubilee, founder of Energized Health, is partaking in a lift challenge on October 17th at Gold’s Gym, 1691 Memorial Blvd Ste A, 37129, Murfreesboro, 3 pm, where he is attempting to set a personal record and standing world record.

“This is less about the achievement of a record and more about the challenge to our community and the greater community to step outside comfort zones and beg the question—’What is your challenge that you know you need to pursue?’ reads a press release.

Every year, for 27 years, John has worked to increase his strength. Increasing a pound a week for 27 years was all it took to reach this level of strength. Now, at the age of 63, John will attempt his heaviest lift: 555 lbs.!

Through this attempt, John wants to practice what he preaches at Energized Health and encourage everyone to step toward a personal quest that challenges you and proves that you can achieve more than you think.

“We encourage people in the Tennessee area as well as Energized Health clients/alumni in the area to come out to support John in his enormous 555-pound hammer strength chest press attempt!”

About Energized Health: We are a holistic health company that provides a patent-pending Inner Cellular Hydration protocol, proven to reduce needs for medication, reverse ailments or conditions, help lose fat fast, and fully energize people’s lives. We’ve helped thousands completely transform their lives by using a natural and safe body, mind and spirit approach to health at the cellular level. Our simple, scientific, sustainable protocol provides lasting health results that will benefit you the rest of your life.

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